“In a timeline that closely parallels our own, a World War between the Axis and the Allies has broken out across two oceans and three continents. The German quest for purity of bloodline has resulted in more powerful sorcerers than ever imagined, training their foot soldiers and officers in the Occult arts, while Japanese genetic and medical experimentation has spawned monsters of the foulest and darkest kind, lending the Pacific front more semblance to a Grimm fairytale than any record of war you’ve read.

The war in Europe isn’t going well on either front. In the East, terrifying Axis monsters attack by night, devastating the Soviet army in ambush after ambush. Meanwhile, on the Western front, Allied warlocks barely manage to hold the line against the otherworldly forces called on by Nazi occultists. You are the newest recruits of Task Force Nova, a cadre of hand-picked soldiers from the armed forces of every Allied nation. Your mission? Confront the Weird and Terrible forces being marshaled by the Axis. Before you is a future that will test the limits of your resolve and sanity, but you wouldn’t be here if something didn’t set you apart from the other draftees. Whether you’re a British Psy-Ops agent, a French demolitionist, an American Warlock or a Polish spy, you’ll be sent where the action is hottest and the stakes are highest. Grab your gear, your weapon, and whatever allies you find along the way.
The Front Awaits.”

Weird Wars II: Allegheny Chronicles